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Turning Radio PSAs Into Fun, Shareable Content

Attendance Matters PSA Attending school each day is important. Kids who show up are more likely to get good grades, graduate, and even have better jobs as adults.

As part of an Attendance Matters campaign, I created a press kit for school districts to help spread this important message. A key component of this was working with kids to record radio public service announcements.

Sophia explains that high school graduates live longer, so she has a lot to accomplish in 75 years.

Being A Public Radio Host Is Harder Than It Sounds…

Fellow Boise State Public Radio colleague Jodie Martinson came up with the brilliant idea to sit random people in the master control studio chair, hand them copy they’d never seen before, open the mic, and turn on the camera.

During the station’s September grand-opening event, Martinson captured some one-of-a-kind candor with willing would-be radio hosts. She pulled some of the best stuff and edited it together.

I added some post-production effects to give it that old-timey feel, added some music, and voila — it really IS harder than it sounds to be a radio host!

Why It’s Tough To Track What Lobbyists Give To Idaho Lawmakers

Tim Hurst is Idaho's Chief Deputy Secretary of State. Part of his job is to ensure lobbyist disclosure reports are above board.

Tim Hurst is Idaho’s Chief Deputy Secretary of State. Part of his job is to ensure lobbyist disclosure reports are above board.” credit=”Emilie Ritter Saunders

Late last year, St. Louis Public Radio and NPR launched an interactive data project that lets Missouri voters see just how much money their state representative has accepted from lobbyists. It’s an easy-to-navigate visual that gives people a sense of the kinds of relationships that have developed under their Capitol dome. A similar one-stop-shop of lobbying disclosure info wouldn’t be possible in Idaho.

We know that registered lobbyists in Idaho have spent more than a $1 million over the last two years advocating for their clients’ policy desires at the state Legislature. Disclosure information shows that out of 422 lobbyists, the average spent in 2012 was $1,500. More than half of Idaho’s registered lobbyists didn’t spend anything that year. But it’s not clear who is on the receiving end of those lobbying gifts.