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Montana Graduation And Dropout Report

The 2015 Graduation and Dropout Report uses storytelling, photography and data to walk through how five years of Graduation Matters Montana has resulted in record-high graduation rates.

With $140,000 On The Line, Idaho Girl Scouts Try Their Hand At Lobbying

This story originally appeared at StateImpact Idaho and aired on Boise State Public Radio Feb. 19, 2013.

Famous for its potatoes, trout fishing, and blue AstroTurf, Idaho might not have much in common with Hawaii. But here’s one thing: Idaho and Hawaii are the only two states in the country to tax Girl Scout Cookies. Now, some local Scouts are beefing up their sales pitches and learning to lobby.

Girl Scouts across the country are getting amped up to sell as many boxes of their famed Samoas, Thin Mints, and Tag-a-longs as they possibly can. They have about a month to close the deal with neighbors, friends and grandmothers.

At a recent cookie event near Boise — think Girl Scout-style pep rally — more than 100 kids, some as young as kindergarteners, donned their badged-sashes and met at a middle-school cafeteria.

Medical Marijuana In Montana, Two Years Later

A view inside the old Montana Cannabis greenhouse, where 1,500 plants were visible from the highway outside of Helena, MT.

A view inside the old Montana Cannabis greenhouse, where 1,500 plants were visible from the highway outside of Helena, MT. Credit: Emilie Ritter Saunders

In 2010 I reported on Montana’s booming medical marijuana industry for NPR. I profiled Montana Cannabis, which was at the time one of the biggest operations in the state. The day I went to the greenhouse to take photos, they had 1,500 marijuana plants. (Listen to that story here.)

Old-Timey Diner Brightens Up Downtown Burley, Idaho

Credit: Emilie Ritter Saunders

Downtown Burley, Idaho is a little rundown.  A lot of the buildings are empty or older.  Many appear like they haven’t been touched up in a while.  But then I found this gem.  Just off main street is a diner straight out of the 1950s.  It’s like it was begging me to take a photo.

The End Of Summer In Glacier National Park

Glacier Park is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen.  It’s especially beautiful at the very beginning of fall, right before leaves start to drop off the trees — and just as all the foliage starts to turn color.

It’s also the best time to visit because all the roads are still open and most of the summer tourists have gone home.

My husband (then boyfriend) lived less than an hour away from Glacier for two years, so we got to visit the park frequently to hike, drive the steep, narrow roads, and take it all in.

Meet Boo Boo The Injured Bear Cub

An Idaho Fish & Game vet examines the four-month-old black bear.” credit=”U.S. Forest Service

Wildfire season in the West is tough on everyone.   It’s hard on homeowners who lose houses or deal with evacuations.  It’s tough on the firefighters, first responders and coordinators.  It’s hard on people who breathe in the smoky air for days at a time.  But it’s also tough on all the critters living in the forest.

For the last couple of days, the story of Boo Boo the bear cub has been captivating the hearts of westerners (and the media).  He was found alone near a wildfire with badly burned paws.  He’s getting much-needed medical care, and he’s got a whole bunch of people rooting for him!

Oh, and check out these remarkable photos from Idaho Statesman photog Joe Jaszewski.

Photoblog: Pictures Of The Idaho State Capitol

Boise is the second capitol city I’ve lived in, and I always find statehouses to be so majestic and photo-worthy.  Here’s a glimpse…