Meet Boo Boo The Injured Bear Cub

An Idaho Fish & Game vet examines the four-month-old black bear.” credit=”U.S. Forest Service

Wildfire season in the West is tough on everyone.   It’s hard on homeowners who lose houses or deal with evacuations.  It’s tough on the firefighters, first responders and coordinators.  It’s hard on people who breathe in the smoky air for days at a time.  But it’s also tough on all the critters living in the forest.

For the last couple of days, the story of Boo Boo the bear cub has been captivating the hearts of westerners (and the media).  He was found alone near a wildfire with badly burned paws.  He’s getting much-needed medical care, and he’s got a whole bunch of people rooting for him!

Oh, and check out these remarkable photos from Idaho Statesman photog Joe Jaszewski.